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Building a Race Car


By Sam Clark - Wednesday, October 25, 2006

  This is just to show how helpful your product has been.

  Several years ago, I had built a racing team which we had access to every piece of equipment on the market.  The team was and still is very successful with several WINS since it's debut.

  Do to loosing my job, house, cars, etc, I ended up having to move along distance away, and left the racecar with the team.

  Well now I have been building a new team with zero funding and equipment, except for a Lincoln welder, and a Dremel.  Let me tell you, that that little Dremel has done everything for me.  From cutting out the entire cage to the car and making it fit, to polishing the metal for welding, drilled the holes for the wires and the lines to pass and removed the rust from the frame where I should have been using the sand blaster (which I no longer own).  All that fancy shop equipment is great when money is no object, but when you are trying to accomplish a project with limited funds, the only thing I need is that little Dremel.

  The down side of the Dremel is it makes my hand HOT.