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By maggie - Monday, December 25, 2006

Our oldest son bought his brother the 400 Series XPR for Christmas.  We were all very excited to get to work with this...but...when our son opened the box...then the case...he studied it for quite a few minutes before saying..."There is no rotary tool in here."  We all thought he was kidding...but he wasn't!!!  There was a 3/4 empty case staring back at us!!!  May of the accessories are also missing!!!

It was bought at Home Depot.  Basically...the sales associate "sold" our son on buying this model and this is the one the associate handed him to buy.  Was it possibly sold and returned by someone?  As we examine the box...it is glued on one end and taped on the other.  There is also only one piece of styrofoam in the package and it looks that there should be two.

I am expecting a speedy solution to this situation.