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Overseas Voltage Usability


By archiebald - Thursday, January 4, 2007

Sorry, I couldn't find another place to put this question - it is not actually a problem.

I am currently on the verge of ordering a 400 XPR kit but I am living in Japan which uses 100 volts.

The only XPR kit available here is the 400 3/51. I would really prefer to order the 400 6/90 and have it shipped from the USA. Problem is the US voltage is 120.

Question - Are the kits exported to Japan actually fitted with 100 volt motors or are they just US spec ones that will still run acceptably on the Japanese 100 volt supply?

I know I have the option of using a step-up transformer but I prefer not to have to buy one if not really necessary.

Any advice gratefully received.....