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Speed control and other issues


By elcam84 - Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I have an old (I'm told when I called for parts) dremel. It's a 395 type 3.

The little rubber coupler in it decintegrated again. This rubber spacer is a very bad idea.

Also the bearings in the little stub shaft are really worn out. Actually They were pretty sloppy from day one when it was new.

I replaced the speed control a few years ago in it too. The little board in it broke in half.

One major improvement in the dremel would be a real speed control. It would be very nice if it had the circuitry to maintain a constant speed.

I don't know if the 400 has this or not. From reading the info it doesn't.

Also a better designed impeller would make the tool much quieter and improve airflow. Instead of a no engineering required straight vane fan. It only takes a few minutes to draw the straight one in cad and just a fraction longer to make it a better design.