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Model 220 Work Station


By CEFinkJr - Thursday, April 20, 2006

I purchased a Model 220 Work Station this afternoon (after waiting almost a year for it).  It looks like it will be extremely useful in my hobby (model railroading).  It might have been a good idea though if Dremel had assembled a Work Station using the printed instructions before shipping the product or at least let the person preparing the instructions see the product as it would be shipped to customers.  I found two problems:
  • The first is minor but a bit confusing.  The square nut shown in Figure 1 for the Base Hex Bolt is in fact a hex nut.  This becomes obvious when you can't find a square nut large enough to fit the Base Hex Bolt and there seems to be an extra large hex nut.
  • The second is more serious and might cause some bad words to be pronounced over your product.  Step 1 on page 4 says to assemble the tube to the base.  This is all well and good except that Step 2 then becomes impossible: the Drill Press fits too tightly over the tube to clear the plastic plug at the top of the large tube.  The only way I could get my Work Station assembled was to reverse these two steps; putting the Drill Press on the tube and then assembling the tube to the base.

In spite of these two problems, I think this is a good product and will be very useful.