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Halloween Cemetary Head Stone


By FixitMAD - Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Here is a little usefull idea when using the Dremel MultiPro tool. I've posted this Tip under several Halloween Message boards.


Protective Eye-Wear

Dremel Rotary Tool

High Speed Cutter #115 or #116

Styrofoam Sheets 1" thick. (Your perference)

Print out of what you want on the Head-Stone on regular paper

(make sure your font/text have some extra space between each character)

Tape/electrical tape

Pencil/Sharp Stick

Laying your Stryrofoam on a flat surface tape your Head Stone message onto it. Using a pencil or some other type of poker, outline each letter through the paper onto the stryofoam.

Carefully remove the paper and Put your Cutter into the Dremel if you have not already.

Creafully using and up/down motion "carve" out each of the letters you pinned on the stryofoam. Using a speed of 2-3 works best. Go about 1/2" deep. Depends on your perference and the thickness of the stryofoam.

After "carving" out all the letters blow out any particles in the carvings and set aside.

Using a Spray Can paint with "texture" spray your creation with this. This can should be enough for two head stones or so.

That should be it!