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By econobiker - Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I wanted to relate that I have used the rotary tool to cut rusted and rounded nuts off of motorcycles and cars/trucks on which I was working.  For many years I did not have an air compressor or air tools so my father's or my Dremel was used with fiberglass cut off wheels.

I have used the rotary tool when a bolt head has broken off flush with surrounding metal on a motorcycle frame.  I was able to make a slot into the remainder of the bolt and use a flat head screw driver or hand held impact wrench to back the bolt out.

Have used the Dremel rotary tool to cut off rusted on nut on top shock mount of a pickup truck.  I even had air tools by that project time period. Since it was very late at night and I was in a house basement garage, I didn't want to crank up the compressor and run the air tools for fear of waking relatives.  The Dremel, even at full speed, was more quiet than air tools.

My father's hand me down original late-1970's Dremel gave out around 1994 after years of use both in hobbies, home, and product design modeling.  I was able to facilitate a exchange purchase with Dremel around that time for the one I have now. 

The cord from the old tool lives on in an ~antique~ Dremel vibrating sander that I recovered from tools left after my grandmother's 2nd husband died.  I took pictures of that item and send the to Dremel (1994 pre-Internet) when I sent for the replacement/exchange rotary tool.  I actually received a phone call from someone at Dremel who said that they had no recent record of the sander and thought it was cool.  I use the two ended chuck wrench from my father's original tool also.

I have an old fishing tackle box that holds the Dremel tools and all of the various attachments plus a short piece of 2x4 I used as a work rest.  The tool is used for minor metal work, some mechanical work, Pinewood Derby car construction, and plastic model building.  Most recent item was cutting a metal square tube to length for a replacement of a bathroom towel rack.



By Beth at Dremel - Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thanks for sharing your story! Sounds like a lot of Dremel history lives at your house.
By irishwarrior1958 - Saturday, January 22, 2011

I have some brass plates from a former Navy vessel, and they have become tarnished. I used a 51E sanding tip. it looks like a brillo pad. I need to polish the plaque so I can mount it on a wood plaque.

Do you have any suggestions? I am new to the Dremel community and I am so excited to get started.

Thanks so much!
By xiangxin33 - Wednesday, March 14, 2012

great post.thanks