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Broke an ear off my Router tool, need Glue advice


By thudpucker - Wednesday, October 20, 2010

See the knobs you hold the Router tool with? One of my Knobs broke offBigGrin

I tried the 5 minute Epoxy. Equal parts of A n' B (Gorilla Glue) but the glue didnt seem to grip the Broken parts.Wink

See the photos, where the break is, what kind of glue works for that stuff.



By sandy - Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'd either call Dremel customer service or replace the knob with an empty spool from a spool of thread.
By thudpucker - Sunday, November 7, 2010

I got lucky.

Dremel sent me a message: Dont try to fix that thing....Probably a Safety concern.

So they sent me a brand new one. WOW!

I was impressed.

There were two CD's in the package but neither would work. However there were two books which I'm still reading.

My first Dremel was way back, and the Company bought it for me.

Soon we all had our own. Jeez what a Handy dude.

Then the front bearing wore out on my second one.

The Company said: "Your too expensive to be fixing tools! Get a new one!"

So I did. Then after I retired my Wife n' Kids bought me a new setup from Dremel.

When the front bearing went out of that one, the son took it and bought me a new unit.

I wonder if I've ever had a tool I used as much as this Dremel?Smile