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Candelabra restoration


By PedroI - Monday, March 21, 2011

First of all ****o from Portugal, second please apologize if I miss on some English DIY terms, third I don't know if this is the right section if not please move the post.

This is my first DIY/Dremel big undertaking, I do some every day DIY works at home but this is my first really big restoration with my 2yrs old Dremel 300 (not much done with her till now).

I'm looking for your tips and hints and to show what a enthusiast can do with a Dremel...... let's see how it ends.

The piece is a old but not vintage candelabra, without much value at least that I know, but that I believe will turn great at my living room bar area. I would be much appreciated if you could name the wood type for me.

It's painted with a easy sanded paint(?) and I decided to sand it throughout but not perfectly so it maintains a "old" look.

I decided to go at it by using sanding disk 412 is this the best? At least for what I want?

They keep "breaking" as per below

I decided to give every piece after sanding a light coat of BONDEX by Dyrup, in IROKO color. (don't know if its available with this name worldwide, but its major here and I really like the finishing and use it in almost every wood job at home one colour or another)

I'll certainly give one ore more coats for a darker/older colour but only after have all the pieces sanded this first coat is just for protection. I'm also thinking to finish it with a last coat of colourless hard varnish but that another story.

One problem that I'm facing is that the wood is filled with holes from weevil (the wood was treated and is currently not infested) and I'm doubtful if I should plug the holes or not. What do you suggest? If yes, using what?

More pictures next weak.

By PedroI - Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well I expected more feedback but no problem.

After some trouble on the third "plate" I tried something new on the fourth.

Instead of sanding it only with discs, I gave it a 1st sanding with grit 120 band (438), then with the disk (411), then with finishing buff 320 (512S) and then a final quick passage with a polishing wheel (429).

The polishing w**** might be to much? but..... Smile

Here's the result:

I believe its a fair job although I will run out of buffs Unsure befor ending the job.

On the last disc I'll give the same sanding as per above but I'll try to take pics from the different phases.

Please comment Wink