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New To Dremel; Advice Needed


By Amaris - Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I have a 400 XPR that I bought a few years ago and have never used. I read the manual and watched the DVD right after I got it, but that was so long ago that the information is gone. We just moved into a new house over the week-end and I find myself needing to use it for a couple of chores. Of course, I now can't find the manual anywhere, although I distinctly remember seeing it when I was packing. I ordered a new manual from Dremel, but it will take approximately three weeks to arrive, so I could really use some advice!

The first task I need it for is (I think) fairly straight forward: There are some shelf supports that have had screws that were too long; I've taken the screws out and cleaned the supports. I'd like to putty the holes and just reuse those boards if possible. There are some bumps where the screws poked through and I'd like to sand them down a bit. I've no idea which attachment to use, or even if this is the kind of thing a Dremel is good for.

The second task is probably just as straight forward, but it might be harder for me to explain. I have several bookshelves of the put-them-together-yourself variety. There are holes pre-drilled in the inside walls of the shelves that hold pegs with a small flange, that in turn hold the shelves. In many instances, the pegs won't go in properly, so I'd like to bore the holes out just a hair. Is that something I can do with a Dremel? Again, which attachment should I use?

Hubby works during the day and has a long commute, so can only get to handyman chores on the week-end; it sometimes takes a while for little things like this to get done. I'd love to do them myself!

Thanks so much for any help you can offer.
By FloydTaylor - Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm sure you can get all those little jobs around your house with your Dremel. Just be sure and wear glasses when your working with it. Learning more about your Dremel will give you the confidence you need to get started.

I you haven't already received your manual, you can download the manual you need by Clicking Here. This link will take you to the Dremel Manuals and Literature page, just scroll down to the listing to find your Dremel tool and click to download the manual.

On that same page, there are a couple of other things you mignt want to download. The Dremel Accessories Guide Poster shows you all the bits and accessories that are available and separates them into categories like sanding, grinding, cutting, etc.

The Dremel Projects & Skills Guide contains lots of photos and around-the-house project descriptions that are sure to motivate you.

Good luck with your projects.
By Amaris - Monday, March 26, 2012

Thanks! As it happened, I got my instruction manual from Dremel in much less than the three weeks they told me to expect. Good thing, too, because my manual is not listed for immediate download. I did download the two short PDFs you suggested. They will help me a lot as I try to become more proficient with the use of my Dremel. What little bit I've used it for, it has been great! I've used it to drill pilot holes for screws and for sanding after I puttied some nail/screw holes. I'm looking forward to learning more about what my Dremel can do.

Thanks again for the reply. I really appreciated your advice.