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1800 scroll saw breaking at the tensioning lever.


By Scott - Saturday, August 12, 2006

This is the second occurance of my 1800 variable speed scroll saw breaking totally or beginning to do so.  I returned the first and got a new one thinking it was a fluke.  However, my latest one is beginning to do the same.  Has this been a problem with other scroll saw stations?  If this thing goes then it renders the saw useless and it has not been used much at all.  The first one went out within 2, yes 2 uses.  So it is not due to wear and tear.  The second one has been used only a few times as well and is already showing signs that it will not be long.  The upper arm is all one piece so the whole thing will have to be replaced.  Have this been a common problem?  Seems to me everyone who owns this model is bound to have experienced this or will soon.  What can be done?