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Posted 3/13/2007 10:14:36 AM
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I would like to see a portable box that is UNBREAKABLE! All your present boxes break nicely when dropped and are very expensive.

 Inside when opened it would have a place for the entire dremel collection and accessories on a popup tray placed up back and out of the way off the work surface.

 It would include a fold out work surface of some sturdy material and be constructed as to be able to clamp it on  perhaps a picnic table or other flat surface. 

 It would include an outlet that could accomodate a 3 prong extension cord.

 It should be about 3' long and maybe 24" deep front to back.

When open it would have the tools handy but out of the way.

There would be a tray with an unbreakable cover to hold bits and other tiny things like sanding wheels.

I have a drill press which is lumpy and most of the dremel toys. I and several other accessories including the router table.

It would be nice that the saw could be mounted on its own spot like a tiny table saw if desired, as the other accessories. These should be mounted and left there. and could be used as needed with a minimal amount of tinkering.

This wonderful contraption would have wheels on one end and mounts underneath so one could screw legs or have pop down extendable legs attached that could be height adjusted.On the end opposite the wheels there should be a nice handle.

Just think , we could drag this toy anywhere to work outdoors on a pretty day or haul it in our rv or take to a fair.

 It would be nice if it came in several colors and be rain proofwhen closed and have a hasp for a nice little padlock.

Now if you want a sketch of this invention or want to give me one when you get them made, just get ahold of me I am in Missouri and am easy to deal with.  

Please sic somebody on to this idea.

I would like to take this toy with me as I plan to go to festivals with it.



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