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Flex Shaft #225: Maintenance Tips Expand / Collapse
Posted 11/10/2009 12:59:24 PM

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Hi Gang! I thought that it might be useful to post some tips on getting long life and the best possible service out of the #225-01 Flex Shaft Attachment. So here goes!  (225=Flex Shaft. Tool=Your DREMEL TOOL , OK?)


Included in the package with the 225 is a silver hex nut called a "drive cap" . You do not want to lose this, as it is the "key" to making the flex shaft work properly. Get a 35mm film container or similar, label it "Drive Cap 225" and put it in your DREMEL case.

To install the 225, first, remove the collet and the collet nut from the DREMEL Tool and set them aside.  Then, unscrew the nose cap from the Tool.  Set this aside as well.

Take the drive cap and put it on the collet thread of the Tool. Run it down, finger-tight, and then, using the DREMEL wrench, just give it a tweak to the left, just to snug it up.

Insert the drive cable of the 225 into the drive cap. Then attach the black collar of the flex shaft to the thread where the nose cap of the tool used to be.  There is no need to reef on either the drive cap or the collar like Godzilla! :-)

The collet and the collet nut from the Tool  now go into the handpiece of the 225. Put the nose cap of your Tool in the same safe place as you will later put your drive cap. You will want to be able to find this if you ever want to take the 225 off.

Hang the Tool up so that the flex shaft is vertical. Set the Tool to its lowest possible speed and turn it on. Let it run on its own  for 1 to 2 minutes. This will work out the kinks and distribute the factory lubricant along the sheath of the flex shaft.

After this is done, you are ready to "rock and roll" up to 35,000 rpm.


The 225 works at its best when operating at either a vertical or an horizontal position. Yes, the shaft is flexible, but it is not infinitely so. Over-bending it will either cause handpiece bearing failure or breakage of the drive cable.  Heat in the handpiece and/or at the tool/shaft junction may indicate over-bending of the shaft ar a need for lubrication. (see 3 below)

As a general rule,  I work with my tool overhead (vertical) and  with the coupling (Tool-225)  at head-height, whether standing or seated. This allows a gentle transition  from the vertical to the horizontal as I work.  

I usually work standing: better control, less dust in da face. 

For vertical applications, there are the DREMEL 220-01 WORK STATION or the 2222 FLEX SHAFT TOOL HOLDER . The Work Station will also work in horizontal mode.  


The Flex Shaft needs to be lubricated after 7-10 hours of use. In my case, this means every week, as I use mine a lot.  Here's what I do:

Go to your local auto supply store and buy for about $1.00 a small tube of green lithium high-temp wheel bearing grease. You do not need much, trust me.

Hang the tool up . Pull the  drive core out of the 225.

Take a blob of grease about as big as the ball of your little finger and wipe it all the way down the drive core.

Flip the core over, end for end, and then run it in as in 1 above.

Long may you run!


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there is a DREMEL solution"

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Posted 6/4/2010 2:43:51 AM
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A flex shaft is a must have. It's one of those items you keep going to when doing fine detail work or when you have to work for hours at a time, and even a light tool like a Dremel starts to get heavy.

Regular greasing of the cable IS a very good idea. One of the things I noticed after using my flex shaft after roughly 50 hours of total use is that the grease just seemed to..go away...

Being the unreasonable sort of person I normally am, and knowing that things like grease don't just go away, I started taking things apart. (Likely voiding warranties in the process.)

Found the grease!

If you look carefully at the construction of the cable in the flex shaft itself and the spring-lspringlike runs in, it does not take long to figure out that the cable spinning at 1000's of RPM works to pump the grease down the length of the cable and to the flex shaft end.

So what happens over time is the little handle fills with the excess grease. Over greasing your cable can lead to a nice surprise mess!

The lesson learned here is to not over grease your flex shaft. Cough.

The handle end of the flex shaft can be taken apart by removing the screws holding it together and removing two metal clips at either end of the handle.

Don't loose them! Also be very careful not to loose the little spring and lock button assembly. It's easy to clean out the excess grease with a few q-tips.

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Posted 11/19/2010 1:17:13 PM
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I have the dremel flex but cannot get it to work. Being stupid quite probably. I have the dremel 300 and the drive nut and have removed collars and collets but when I try to put on the drive nut it goes on two twists and then stops. In fact so do several of the other collet attachments I have only one multi collet that actually fits. I don't think it is dirty - never been used...could it be a metric imperial issue? Any help much appreciated.
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Posted 10/9/2011 8:16:24 PM
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I just bought the flex shaft to use with the 300 series. I'm trying to attach the driver cap onto the rotary tool but it doesnt seem like it will screw on all the way down the screw, only about 2/3 of the way down and its completely tight already even with the wrench. is the driver cap suppose to screw on all the way down the screw or its just suppose to be tight? thanks for the advice in advance.
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Posted 10/18/2011 1:48:02 AM

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My experience says there is no need of screwing the driver cap on all the way down the screw.The only thing that you should do is just try tightening it.I think then it will work fine.

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