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What dremel tool for rock carving? Expand / Collapse
Posted 12/5/2009 6:30:58 PM
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I am new to the forum and new to dremel. Before I purchase one I would like some advice. My main goal is to carve stone, mainly the types that I find around my yard. I really don't know what they are. Maybe some quartz. I would also like to be able to drill holes in the stone. I also would like to be able to cut s****, and maybe experiment with some wood carving as well. So my question to you guys is: What would be the best dremel tool for this and what accessories should I get?

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Posted 12/6/2009 8:49:02 AM

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I would go for the new Dremel 4000 for bits and the rocks you described your going to need diamond bits for wood use the high speed cutters. Hope this helps a little. You should be able to pick these up at Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-mart and many other hardwares over this great land.


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